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PowerPlex® Matrix Standards, 310/377

The PowerPlex® Matrix Standards, 310/377, allows the GenePrint® Fluorescent STR Systems to be analyzed on the ABI PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer or ABI PRISM® 377 DNA Sequencer.

Proper generation of a spectral calibration file is critical to evaluate multicolor systems. The PowerPlex® Matrix Standards, 310/377, contains matrix fragments labeled with five fluorescent dyes: Fluorescein, JOE A, JOE B, TMR and CXR. Once generated using the PowerPlex® dye set, the spectral calibration file is applied during the analysis of PowerPlex® data to calculate and compensate for the spectral overlap b...

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PowerPlex® Matrix Standards, 310/377

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PowerPlex® Matrix Standards, 310/377


  • JOE Matrix A

    DG284B1 x 50μl
  • Fluorescein Matrix

    DG288B1 x 50μl
  • TMR Matrix

    DG289B1 x 50μl
  • CXR Matrix

    DG290B1 x 50μl
  • JOE Matrix B

    DG681B1 x 50μl
  • Blue Dextran Loading Solution

    DV435A1 x 1ml
(each dye)
- DG3640 € 72,00 Add to cart

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Use Restrictions

DG3640 Not For Medical Diagnostic Use.

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