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Glo Lysis Buffer, 1X

Glo Lysis Buffer (GLB), 1X, is a proprietary formulation developed to promote rapid lysis (within 5 minutes) of cultured mammalian cells without scraping or performing freeze-thaw cycles. It is fully compatible with Bright-Glo™, Steady-Glo®, ONE-Glo™ and Renilla-Glo® Luciferase Assay Reagents and the Luciferase Assay Reagent for analysis of firefly luciferase expression. The half-life of these reagents remains the same with or without use of GLB, >5 hours for Steady-Glo® Reagent and >24 minutes for Bright-Glo™ Reagent.

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Glo Lysis Buffer, 1X

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Glo Lysis Buffer, 1X


  • Glo Lysis Buffer, 1X

    E266A1 x 100ml
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Storage Conditions

Store Glo Lysis Buffer at 4°C. For long-term storage, Glo Lysis Buffer can be frozen at –20°C or –70°C.

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Use Restrictions

E2661 For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Glo Lysis Buffer, 1X


jeudi 19 décembre 2013 by José Luis Jiménez (HGUGM)

El Glo Lysis Buffer es un buen producto para llevar a cabo una lisis rápida y compatible con los kits de luciferasa.

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