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Automated Purification of DNA from Mouse Tail Clippings Using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument


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The Maxwell® 16 Mouse Tail DNA Purification Kit for use with the Maxwell® 16 instrument consistently purifies high-quality DNA from mouse tails, ear punches, and other animal tissues. The system can purify up to 20 µg of DNA from 1.2 cm of mouse-tail tissue in less than 45 minutes without the need for enzymatic digestion. The design of the Maxwell® 16 system eliminates variability associated with poorly optimized methods, user variation and contaminant carryover. This automated system is ideal for those research areas where inbred, transgenic, or gene knockout mice are used, as well as for animal housing facilities where genotyping is provided as a service.

Promega Notes 101, 3–4.

Rebecca Roberts and Trista Schagat

Promega Corperation
Publication Date: 2009

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